Signs You Have a Mouse in Your House

Think you might have a mice infestation in your home?

In this article, we’ll discuss the common signs that mice are in your home and how the team at Sun Dry can help.

Signs You Have a Mice Infestation

So we’ve talked about the things that commonly attract mice to your property, but how do you know they’re around? In this section, we’ll go into more detail about the signs to look for.


It goes without saying that one of the most obvious indications you have mice in your home is if you actually see them. Once spotted, you should act quickly and arrange for a visit from Sun Dry’s experienced team.


Mice are fairly nocturnal creatures, so you will usually hear them in your walls at night. If you’re frequently woken by scratching, squeaking or other unidentifiable noises, it might be time for an inspection.


Rodents tend to make their nests in soft materials, so if you start to see an increase in small moulds made with cotton, fabric and other items, it could be a mouse’s nest.

Holes in Walls & Food Packages

Regardless of size, mice can fit through fairly small holes. So while you might not be worried about that small gap in your wall that’s made an overnight appearance, or a tear in your dry food packages, it could be cause for concern.

You should also keep an eye out for holes in fabric, clothing or bed linen. This could indicate rodents are building nests somewhere in your home.

Bad Smells or Urine Pools

Mice usually make their presence known by leaving bad smells around your home. Generally it’s a musky odour but can sometimes have a strong ammonia smell.

Because rodents like to urinate wherever they go – hence the scent of ammonia – you may also see fluorescent yellow pools on your floor or furniture. 

Gnawed Furniture

Like puppies, mice love to chew things like furniture. So if you see an increase in chew marks on your sofa legs – and it’s obvious they aren’t caused by the family dog – you could have an issue with mice. 

Increased Allergies

Mice carry a ton of diseases which they can pass on easily. If you have a bout of unexplained allergic reactions, it might be time to arrange for a pest inspection.

Strange Pet Behaviour

Pets like cats and dogs hate mice. As such, if your pet is suddenly behaving strangely or seems out of sorts, a mouse might be the cause.

Grease Trails

Mice aren’t necessarily clean creatures, and will leave grease trails in their wake. If you see more and more of these around your home, call us today.

How Sun Dry Can Help

When you need an expert in pest control, you can’t go past our experienced team at Sun Dry.

At Sun Dry, we’ve been working in the pest control  industry  in Brisbane for decades. Our team members are professional, highly trained and will complete your work as efficiently as possible.

If it’s time you took the next step in preventing a spider infestation, give the experts at Sun Dry a call today to book an inspection.