What Attracts Mice?

With the weather only getting colder lately you may be looking to avoid a mice infestation. But what attracts them to a house?

In this article, we’ll discuss all the things that mice are attracted to, and when to contact the experts at Sun Dry for help managing your unwelcome guests.

Things That Attract Mice 

The trouble with mice is that they’re attracted to a number of different things, which means you might be rolling out the welcome mat without even realising it. Here, we’ll discuss some of the things that mice love most.


Mice are attracted to all kinds of food but especially enjoy:
– berries
– nuts (and food made from nuts, like peanut butter)
– animal byproducts (like leather or butter)
– bacon
– cereal
– chocolate

Paper & Clothing

Clothing and anything paper-based is attractive to rodents because they make good nests. As such, it’s best to clear your wardrobe out of the clothes you no longer wear and get rid of any paper rubbish you have on your desk to avoid drawing them to your home.

Pet Food & Seeds 

Think it’s just your pets that enjoy a nibble on pet food and birdseed? You’d be wrong. Rodents love this kind of thing, especially because it’s uncovered and often readily available when not being consumed by your pets.

Insulation, Gaps & Crevices 

Mice search for warm places to make their homes. So insulation and all those smaller gaps and crevices you’ve been meaning to take care of are great places for them to nest.

Caulk up those areas with sealant and you’ll have a better chance of protecting your home from a mice infestation.

Excess Water 

Been experiencing some storms in your area of late, but haven’t had the chance to mop up the excess water and puddles outside your home? Now’s the time to do so if you don’t want to find yourself open to a mice infestation.

While you’re at it, check for leaks inside, as they can also appeal to rodents.

Abandoned Cars

If you’re a car fanatic who has been meaning to do up that old vehicle you’ve kept for years in the backyard, you might want to check that you haven’t fallen victim to a mice infestation.

Again, abandoned cars are warm places where mice (and potentially other pests) can make their home, so it’s something you want to keep your eye on. This is also the case if you use your car frequently but haven’t cleaned out the junk and rubbish you’ve left behind (which brings us to our next point).

Rubbish & Debris

Mice love rubbish more than anything. Whether it’s old greasy food wrappers, tissues or abandoned plant debris in your yard, it’s like they’ve hit the jackpot.

Get rid of the rubbish as you go and you’ll reduce your chances of a mice infestation.

When to Call the Experts at Sun Dry 

There are lots of different traps and ways to get rid of mice in your home – and it can be as simple as leaving out their least favourite food (mint) or setting up some traps. But these methods aren’t all that effective in the long term, and often won’t deal with a larger infestation.

If you suspect your home is also the home of mice, the best thing to do is call our experts at Sun Dry. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to manage your pest control quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

To arrange your pest control service for mice infestations – or find out more from those in the know – contact Sun Dry today.