Summer Tips for Pest Control Brisbane Residents Can Use

Summertime comes with heat. Excessive heat that makes you want to stay indoors chilled – but you are not the only one looking for a cool place to relax – many household pests are doing the same. Here are some summer tips for pest control Brisbane residents can use to keep the creepy crawlies away. 1. Keep Your Kitchen Clean Pests find kitchens very appealing since they offer lots of sources of food. Store leftover food in airtight containers or bags and

Things to Consider for Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Bond cleaning is one of the things people dread most when moving out of a rental space. Hiring a bond cleaning Brisbane provider can help make dealing with it less stressful. Bond cleaning involves preparing the rental property for the inspection by the landlord when you are moving out. It is your responsibility to make sure the property is in the same condition as it was when you moved in. One of the key areas requiring bond cleaning is the carpet.

Tips to Maintain Carpets after Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an expensive investment, which is why after getting professional carpet cleaning, it is important to know how to maintain your flooring. Regular cleaning and maintenance, between professional carpet cleaning servicing, is key to preserving appearance and ensuring your carpet looks its best for longer. What to Do After Professional Carpet Cleaning Here are some tips to keep your carpet spotless and stain-free in between professional carpet cleaning visits: 1. Wait Until Fully Dry Straight after professional carpet cleaning it is important to

Top 5 Signs Your Home Needs Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners clean their carpets themselves with the use of vacuums and cleaning agents bought from the store. However, if you want your carpet looking its best or you want to get rid of tough stains and strange odours, then you should hire a carpet cleaning professional. That being said, sometimes it is difficult to tell when it is time to call in the professionals. Your carpet might look good from the outside, but you don’t know how much dirt it

Top Pest Control Brisbane Tips

When it comes to pests, the thought of them is enough to make you squirm. Don’t worry though, Sun Dry, as pest control Brisbane experts are here to help. Here are our top pest control tips that you can use around the home to keep the creepy crawlies out. Some Pests are Stubborn You can scrub, dust and clean the entire house but that may not rid your home of certain pests. A good example of these stubborn pests are bed bugs.

Top Qualities of a Pest Control Brisbane Expert

Pest infestation is one of those things we would really rather not deal with. We want to be rid of those creepy crawlies as soon as possible and naturally, we are inclined to reach out to the nearest pest control Brisbane service we can find. It is important to take a little time and effort though to ensure you hire the right pest control company. 5 Qualities of a Professional Pest Control Brisbane Expert Here are some key qualities to look for in

Common Questions About Pest Control Brisbane Residents Ask

If you are thinking about hiring pest control services, you may also have some questions about the process. As highly experienced pest control professionals, we are going to answer the most common questions about pest control Brisbane residents ask. First, let’s start with a few basics. What is Pest Control? Pest control is the management of particular animals classified as pests whose presence around human beings negatively impacts their activities. Methods used in controlling pests include repelling them and complete eradication. Do you use

3 Rug Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

A dirty or tired-looking rug can really bring down the entire look of your home or office. While area rugs do show wear and you need to replace them over time, cleaning them can extend their life and bring your space back to life – if the rug cleaning is done properly. Poor rug cleaning methods add more wear to the rug instead of making it look better. To keep your rug looking its best longer, there are some rug cleaning

All About Dust Mites

Dust mites often infest homes without the knowledge of homeowners. As a result, they trigger allergies and asthma for most people without them knowing the cause. Although they are not destructive, it is important to get rid of them in your home to lessen the allergic reaction they cause. Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control offers a professional pest control service that can help get rid of dust mites. Things to Know About Dust Mites Dust mites are small creatures that can

All About Steam Cleaning Couches: Tips to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces

Steam cleaning helps to remove embedded dirt, dust, stains, and grease. It also kills bacteria and more from upholstered furniture and helps disinfect them. This process requires hot water rather than scented shampoos or conventional cleaning chemicals. People who are sensitive to fragrances can still have their couches cleaned. You can steam clean couch surfaces effectively by following our guide. How to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces In order to steam clean couch surfaces properly, you should consider the following: Select the Right Steam