Pest Control Brisbane

When pests invade your property, you should act quickly to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs – call in an expert in Pest Control Brisbane.

Sun Dry are your go-to Pest Control Brisbane professionals, as well as carpet cleaning specialists. We are highly experienced in dealing with all types of household pests.

Common Pests that We Deal With

The nuisances that invade your home fall under the umbrella term “pests,” but there are different kinds. There are kinds that fly, while there are those that crawl. Whichever category they fall into, they need experts in pest control Brisbane to handle them efficiently and effectively.

Some of the most common household pests we deal with are:


They can travel from one place to another through a person’s luggage or bedding. These creatures hide in cracks and crevices during the day then come out at night to feed on the blood of their host. Their bite is itchy and can become infected when scratched.

Carpet beetles

Although their name gives an idea of where they like to hang out, carpet beetles can also damage clothes and clothing. Getting carpet cleaning Brisbane professionals to come over regularly is a good way of keeping these creatures under control.


These insects can live in bathroom and kitchen cupboards and under floors of older houses. They are also found where there is rubbish and food scraps since those spaces are the source of their meals. After a cockroach infestation, you may also wish to get your carpets professionally cleaned to deal with any droppings.


Like bed bugs, fleas feed on blood and like bed bugs, they travel via clothes and bedding. They are usually found on animals, like cats or dogs, but they can be found in your home as well. You may also benefit from carpet cleaning Brisbane services to fully manage these pests.

Rats and mice

They can be found in lots of places – trees, gardens, insulation, pipes, etc. You’ll usually notice their presence through scratching noises. Like cockroaches, they enjoy going through rubbish, exposed food, and storage areas.


While we deal with all sorts of spiders, Redbacks are the most common ones you may get at your home. These spiders are prevalent during the summer months, particularly in dry, sheltered sites such as toilets, garage doors or sheds. The bite of the female of this species can be quite dangerous, which is why pest control Brisbane services should be called as soon as possible if they are found around the house.


They feed on starch and may cause damage to silk or synthetic fabrics. These creatures prefer places that aren’t used as much, disused cupboards and storage chests, roof spaces, and wall cavities. Since they like unused places, a thorough inspection by a pest control Brisbane professional is needed to determine the severity of the infestation.

Ants and termites

We are experienced in dealing with all sorts of ants and termite infestations. We can conduct termite inspections and provide advice on the best solutions to prevent or effectively manage these pests.

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