How Pest Control Brisbane Services Work

How Pest Control Brisbane Services Work

If you are considering getting the services of a pest control Brisbane expert, it helps to know more about the process and how to find the right technician for the job.

Finding a professional pest control technician

You should take your time and choose wisely to make sure the person you are hiring is a reliable pest control Brisbane professional, with the right knowledge, experience, and equipment. Here’s what to look for and to expect when working with a pest control Brisbane professional.

An Initial and Professional Introduction

Following your very first contact with the pest control team, the technician will show up at the agreed time, and present themselves in a professional, yet friendly manner. They should give you an opportunity to reiterate your problem, raise any concerns and answer any queries you have.

Inspection of Entry and Exit Points

The technician will typically go around your house or property looking for entry and exit routes used by the pests. They may have to access the roof, under the house, crawl spaces, under the sink and any other areas that show signs of infestation. This process may take some time to be thorough.

Exterior Inspection

Your pest control Brisbane technician may inspect the exterior of your house to find holes or cracks that lead into the home. The technician will also be on the lookout for the pest nests and any other thing that may attract pests to your home. They may highlight any areas that require clean-up or attention to prevent further pest issues or infestation.


Having finalised the inspection, the technician may compile a brief report that will detail the type of pest, level of infestation, possible causes, treatments and long-term solutions to the problem.

Discussion of the Problem and Treatment

Next your pest control Brisbane technician should discuss their findings with you, and advise of the type of treatment that will effectively eradicate the problem, including any follow-up treatments required. This is a great time for you to ask any further questions you have. They should also provide a detailed quote for how much it will cost to complete the treatment.

Once you are happy with the recommendations and approve the quote, the pest control Brisbane company can go ahead and perform the treatment. They should advise you of any safety precautions you need to take and other actions required pre-treatment.

Ongoing treatment

Following pest treatment, your pest control Brisbane service should advise of any further treatments you may need and when, as well as any tips to avoid reinfestation. Examples may include, sealing cracks and holes around the house and tackling any other entry and exit points.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Brisbane Company

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