How Pest Control Brisbane Services Work

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Wondering how much a professional pest control service will cost you? In this article we’ll provide the answer.

While it is an important service if you live or work in a building prone to creepy crawlies, knowing how much a professional pest control service is going to cost you before you book is a consideration for many people as the cost of living rises.

Here, we’ll discuss the cost of pest control services for your home or office, things to consider that may or may not influence the cost of your service and when to contact a professional company like the experts at Sun Dry.

Cost of Pest Control: A Guide

Research indicates that the cost of a professional pest control service can be anywhere up to a couple of hundred dollars for your house or office. However, in our experience, it’s best not to give specific figures.

This is, by and large, because there are several mitigating factors both we and the home owner or business owner need to consider when estimating the cost of your professional pest control service. Many of these require us to actually see the property in question before collating an accurate quote.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Pest Control Services

As mentioned, there are a number of considerations to take into account when providing our clientele with an accurate quote on their pest control services. In this section, we’ll detail these and how they may influence the price you can expect to pay.

Type of Pest & Whether There’s More Than One

As a full service business we – and a number of other pest control businesses – don’t limit ourselves to pest control focusing on one type of pest. We have a range of services for different types of pests including cockroaches, ants, mice and rats, bed bugs, silverfish and so much more.

The cost of your pest control will, in part, be determined by the type of pest our experts are managing and if there is more than one type on your property.

For instance, if you have a cockroach and a mice infestation, they require different treatments and therefore different services. This in turn will affect the price of your pest control.

Infestation Size & Frequency of Treatment

Some of our clients only have mild pest control issues, so their jobs can be rectified with one visit.

Unfortunately, larger infestations may require several treatments over a period of time to really control the problem. If this is the case, and your experts need to return to the property to provide subsequent doses of treatment, it should be factored into your quote.

Property Size

The size of your property may indicate whether our professionals will take longer to do their work, or if it can be completed in the normal time frame. If the former is deemed to be the case, you may see an increase in the price of your quote.


Just as the type of infestation influences the type of treatment we use, and therefore how much we charge our clients, so too the price is influenced by the method our professional pest control specialists use to perform their service.

Some pests can be controlled using a powder, while others require a liquid form. It’s all a consideration our experts need to make when developing an accurate estimation.

Access & Location

Having easy access to your pest infestation – especially the root cause of the infestation is paramount. So while it’s not impossible for us to provide a quality pest control service if your property is more difficult to access, it may change what we are able to charge you.

Why Choose Sun Dry (and When To Call Us)

Some may say that experience and qualifications weigh in on the cost of your pest control service, and this can sometimes be the case. However, at Sun Dry, we strive to provide our clients with value for money.

Our experts have decades of experience in the pest control industry and are dedicated to providing you with the best pest control services possible. If you have a pest control problem you need expert assistance from a reliable crew who won’t let you down, get in touch with us.

To organise a quote on your pest control services from those in the know, contact Sun Dry today.