Professional Rug Cleaning 101

Professional Rug Cleaning 101

Rugs are used in homes to add warmth, colour, and feelings of luxury. They are a beautiful way to pull a room together and can offer soft places for movie watching, game playing, and many more activities. It is important to understand rug cleaning methods to remove dust, stains, spills, insects, and more to preserve your investment.

Professional Techniques of Rug Cleaning

Rugs need to be maintained to last for years. The most important part of maintaining your rug is through rug cleaning. This can be done in several ways, including DIY and getting your rug cleaned by professionals. In order to get maximum use from your rug, follow the specialised techniques of rug cleaning outlined below.

Vacuum Thoroughly

To start with, vacuum thoroughly. Vacuum the fibres from one side to another to remove any lingering dust and then flip the rug over for the same routine. Make sure that it’s clean. Roll it up carefully and take it outside to an outdoor location you have set up for the cleaning. At this station, prop your rug up with the rug’s right side facing you.

Test-Out Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Effective rug cleaning requires the use of carpet cleaners. It is important to test these chemicals before applying them to the whole rug. Test them by applying a little to a patch with some water. Allow it to settle for about an hour. Check for colour damage. If no colour damage is found, then you can proceed with the cleaning.

Apply Safe Cleaners and Wash

After a safe cleaner has been selected, pull out your garden hose and rinse the rug to prepare it for cleaner application. Use a sturdy brush to work the cleaning product into the rug fibres.

It’s important to read the directions for use carefully to know the specified time to leave the cleaner on the rug. This step requires a lot of scrubbing and foaming. Hose down the rug after scrubbing to rinse out the cleaner.

Dry and Vacuum the Rug One Last Time

Carefully wring out the rug to remove excess water and wait for the rug to dry completely before moving it back inside the house. When it’s completely dry, the rug fibres will probably be a little odd-looking and flattened. A thorough vacuuming is needed to comb your rug and restore its normal appearance.

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