Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe for Children?

If you have children and are in the market for professional carpet cleaning, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s safe to have children and babies around when you have professional carpet cleaning, the advantages of having professional carpet cleaning if you have children at home and where to go to ensure you get the best service.

Is it Safe to Have Professional Carpet Cleaning Completed with Babies & Children in the Home?

Yes, most of the time, it is safe to have children in the home or office while having your carpets professionally cleaned.

The only real disadvantage, therefore, of having children and babies in the house while carpet cleaning is done (or soon after) is that we recommend avoiding walking on wet carpet. This is because allowing the carpet to dry organically will reduce damage and let the clean last longer.

Advantages of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned (if You Have Children)

Some of the most common reasons our clients get their carpet professionally cleaned when living or working with children are:

Reduce Use of Harsh Chemicals

Professional carpet cleaners like those we have on our team at Sun Dry don’t rely on the harsh or toxic chemicals you can buy from the local supermarket. This means it is actually a cleaner and healthier alternative to have your carpet professionally cleaned than to attempt to do it yourself.

Remove Stains

Stains are a hotbed of germs and disease, no matter how innocuous they may seem. Having your carpet professionally cleaned and these stains removed as quickly as possible will reduce your family’s exposure to nasties and potentially improve their health.

Improve Texture

Giving your children a soft place to play is imperative, and one way you can do that is by having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

By maintaining the texture of your carpet and its health through professional cleaning, you are also helping maintain its longevity, which is another bonus of regular cleaning.

Reduce & Remove Allergens

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will reduce and remove the amount of allergens in the air. As such, your children will not be exposed to invisible pollens, germs and dust that infiltrate the air.

Purify Air

By having your carpet professionally cleaned and removing the allergens, you are helping to purify the air you and your children breathe. This will, no doubt, help maintain and improve the health of your family.

Where to Go for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

When you want to be certain you’re getting a professional carpet cleaning service, you need to contact the experts at Sun Dry. With years of experience, training and professional knowledge that can’t be beaten, we’ll provide you with a high quality professional carpet cleaning service first time, every time.

Find out more about professional carpet cleaning around children by contacting our team today.