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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

So you’ve decided you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned, but how much will it cost?

In this article, we discuss whether there is a set cost you can expect to pay for carpet cleaning, factors to consider, and how to know you’re dealing with professionals.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Professional carpet cleaning is a service, rather than a product you can buy off the shelf. As such, there is not really one set price you can expect to pay when organising a professional service in your home or office.

This is because each home or office is different, with several factors that need to be considered in order to provide loyal clients like yourselves with the best possible price for a quality job.

What Factors Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Consider When Quoting?

As mentioned, there are several things a professional carpet cleaner such as Sun Dry will look at when we’re quoting on how much it will cost you to have your carpet cleaned. Some of the most common are:


In carpet cleaning, size matters as it will influence the amount of time it takes our staff to clean your carpet. The lounge room, for example, might take longer than a hallway versus a bedroom and so on.

And the size of each room in your home or office varies from client to client. Some people have quite large homes, with expansive living spaces, whereas others are more cosy and compact.


Much like size, access and the amount of storeys a home or office has will influence the cost of your professional carpet cleaning service. A single level home will be much easier (and less costly) to clean than a multi-level office with stairs and heavy duty equipment to be navigated.

We will also need to work out if the furniture you have on your property can be worked around or covered up, and if it inhibits our access to certain areas of the home. This too may influence the cost of carpet cleaning completed by our professionals.


How a room in a home or office is something we need to consider when providing you with a fair and accurate carpet cleaning price. High traffic areas, like the hallway or common area, for example may take a little longer to clean than that abandoned room in the house no one ever enters, which will influence the price.

Pets or Children

As much as we love pets and children, there is no denying that they do make a mess. This, in turn, may result in stains or hidden dirt in your carpet that requires special attention or a certain piece of equipment.

Our professional carpet cleaning crew will need to access your home in order to provide you with a thorough cleaning service and accurate cost estimate.


No matter how careful you are in the home or office, if you smoke it’s likely that the odours will get into your carpet, which results in excess grime and dirt more often than not.

That’s why we need to consider this fact when providing you with a quote, as it may take our experienced team a little longer to clean than in a property where smokers don’t reside or work.

How to Know You’ve Chosen a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

If you ask us, there’s no one better at cleaning carpet than our professional carpet cleaners at Sun Dry. With decades of experience and the highest quality equipment, we’ve seen all different types of dirt and stains, and have worked hard to develop solutions to fix them.

Our staff are prompt and professional at all times, and will give nothing less than our best in every home or office we visit. If you want the best, you have to work with the best, so give Sun Dry a call today.

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