Home Remedies for Pest Control Brisbane

Home Remedies for Pest Control Brisbane

Pests can be such a nuisance – before they reach infestation levels there are some home remedies for pest control Brisbane locals can turn to.

DIY Pest Control

Here are some DIY pest control solutions that are completely natural and can serve more than one purpose in your home.

Coffee Grounds

Sprinkle leftover coffee grounds around windows, doors and other places you suspect pests use to access your home. The strong smell can help to keep pests out, especially those belonging to the ant family. Coffee grounds can also be sprinkled in gardens to keep ants and other critters away.


The pungent smell found in garlic is known to deter cockroaches, ants and a host of other pests. You can grow garlic in your garden or place crushed garlic (or garlic powder) in the infested areas. If cockroaches have invaded your home, try spreading boric acid along their pathways, on worktops, and under the sink. The roaming roaches will carry the acid back to their nests and kill the other cockroaches.


Vinegar’s versatility makes it a must-have in every home. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply it to pests you can see. To get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen, put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover it with transparent plastic paper. Punch tiny holes in the plastic. The smell from the apple cider vinegar will attract and trap the fruit flies inside the bowl.

Plant some herbs and plants

Mother nature has provided natural ways for us to keep pests away from our homes and gardens. When it comes to pest control Brisbane residents can try growing some herbs and plants like mint,
lavender, and
chrysanthemums to help repel pests. You can plant them in pots and place them on window sills, doors or even in your garden. These natural solutions will keep a host of bugs, rodents, silverfish, flies, roaches, and other pests away from your home.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are an excellent home remedy for pest control Brisbane locals can use. Mix lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus oil with water to create a dust mite repellent. To make the mixture more effective, spray furniture and linen and allow them to air dry. Additionally, you can also spray essential oils around the home to repel mosquitoes.

Contact The Professional Pest Control Experts At Sun Dry

While the above home remedies may assist in deterring some pests, they may not effectively address infestations. For effective pest management call in the pest control Brisbane experts, Sun Dry. We deliver professional pest control services throughout Brisbane. Contact us today for a free quote.

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