Can You Steam Clean Wool Carpet?

Can You Steam Clean Wool Carpet?

Historically Wool fibres completely dominated the carpet industry when wall-to-wall carpeting became fashionable – nothing compared to the quality. Sometime after the 1950s, nylon was invented and in a short time took the dominant position in the market, largely due to its lower cost.

Cleaning Wool

Can you get an expensive wool wall-to-wall carpet professionally cleaned? Absolutely, and you certainly should call in Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning.

One of the advantages of wool is that it can hide a tremendous amount of dirt before it begins to show. However, this can cause poor indoor air quality and bad odour issues as well as reducing the life of your carpet.

The great news is that steam cleaning will not damage your wool carpet. Steam cleaning is the most thorough, effective method for removing that greasy, gritty and soil from the base of the carpet.

Being an organic fibre, wool will tend to smell a bit like a wet dog when cleaned. Don’t worry: This odour will quickly dissipate as the carpet dries. On average drying should take no longer than 2 to 6 hours on average.

Ask Your Carpet Steam Cleaner – Some Things You Need To Be Aware Of

Be sure that your cleaner does not use high alkaline cleaning agents, somewhere around a pH of 8.5 is the limit. Alkalinity degrades organic fibres and causes discolouration and fibre degradation over time. This is possibly the most important difference between cleaning wool carpets as opposed to other materials.

The cleaning professional must be very careful that they do not use overly hot cleaning solutions. Never use bleach because it actually dissolves wool. Never be tempted to remove a tough stain with bleach and hire someone to dye the carpet. You’ll be hiring someone to repair the wool carpet instead.

Have a Wool Carpet That Needs Cleaning? Call in Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

At some stage, you will need to get a professional in to clean your carpet. Trust Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning to return your carpet to good as new. Get in touch today to book us in.

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