Can You Steam Clean Carpets?

The short answer is – Yes. Steam cleaning a carpet is a great way to remove stains and disinfect it at the same time. All you need is a steam cleaner and water. At 212°F, steam can kill fleas, bedbugs, mould spores, and germs. It will leave your carpet refreshed, clean as new, and safe for pets and kids.

Carpet Cleaning should be left to a professional, you could hire a steam cleaner, but the chances are you won’t get the job as well as an industrial-grade carpet steam cleaner.

Clear The Room

Remove all furniture, toys and any items from the carpet. Some furniture may be heavy to move from the carpet. Wrap furniture legs with waterproof tape to protect them from hot steam. Best to aluminium foil to deter moisture if you don’t have flex tape.

If you can’t move furniture out of the way as you don’t have enough room. Try moving the furniture and other items at one end of the room so that you can get space to clean the cleared side.

Vacuum The Carpet

Vacuum the entire carpet twice to remove as much hair, dust, bread crumbs, and any other loose dirt. A carpet steam cleaning machine can dissolve stains and restore the fabric but is not capable of removing solid dirt particles lodged deep in the carpet fibres.

For the first time, run the vacuum in one direction. Make sure you do this slowly enough to pick as many dust particles as possible. For the second time, vacuum the carpet in the opposite direction. Be thorough enough to pick up large debris and even some parasites such as small bugs.

Allow the carpet time to dry

Steam cleaning a carpet will not leave a lot of water behind. Unlike mopping hardwood or tiled floors, it does not get rid of moisture quickly. Hot water extraction on carpets usually requires up to 12 hours of drying time. You may need to allow your carpet 4 to 12 hours to dry and for all the moisture to escape.

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