3 Rug Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 Rug Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

A dirty or tired-looking rug can really bring down the entire look of your home or office. While area rugs do show wear and you need to replace them over time, cleaning them can extend their life and bring your space back to life – if the rug cleaning is done properly.

Poor rug cleaning methods add more wear to the rug instead of making it look better. To keep your rug looking its best longer, there are some rug cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Rug Cleaning Like a Pro

Here are some common rug cleaning mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Rubbing Stains

When you spill something on an area rug, the first thing we tend to do is to rub it with a cloth or paper towel. However, rubbing the spill will embed the liquid deeper into the rug. Rubbing also damages the fibres that will make the spot look more worn than the rest of the surface.

Instead of rubbing spills, it is recommended to blot the liquid with a thick towel. Make sure that you remove as much of the spill as you can. Repeat the process with a fresh towel until you can’t absorb any more liquid.

Apply stain remover on the spot and let it stand according to the instructions on its packaging. Blot the stain remover and repeat the stain removal process until the mark is gone.

2. Using the Wrong Brush Setting When Vacuuming

You should adjust the brush of your vacuum depending on the material of the rug. The longer the fibres of the rug material, the higher the brush setting should be. Setting the brushes too high will not remove dirt and dust efficiently. Setting the brushes too low will damage the fibres.

To find the right setting, start with the highest setting for the brushes. Lower it one setting at a time until you can feel that the vacuum is pulling through the fibre.

3. No Regular Rug Cleaning

It is important that you regularly undertake rug and carpet cleaning. Don’t clean the rug only when it starts to look dirty. It is advisable to proactively clean rugs and carpets before dirt starts to show up on the surface.

This is because dirt causes friction among fibres that lead to damage over time. While area rugs need deep cleaning once a year, you should consider vacuuming the rug weekly. Make the schedule more frequent if you have kids or pets in the house.

Consult a Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Company

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