5 Things You Should Do while waiting for the pest control experts Brisbane

5 Things You Should Do While Waiting For The Pest Control Brisbane Expert

If you have a pest infestation at your house, engaging a pest control Brisbane expert is the first step in fixing it. But there are some key things you can do while you are waiting for them to arrive. Here are some general guidelines you can follow prior to pest treatment taking place at your home.

Prior to pest treatment

Different pests may require different pre-treatment preparation processes and you can ask your pest control Brisbane expert for tips on what to do before they arrive.

Here are some general guidelines though that apply to most if not all pest control pre-treatments:

1. Clean up the house

It is important to ensure that the house is clean to make it easy for the pest control Brisbane technician to work. A clean and tidy house also makes it easy for the technicians to spot the pests.

Pay special attention to the kitchen and remove any food particles lying under cookers, worktops or fridges. Store all foodstuffs in airtight containers or bags to avoid contamination and keep it out of sight. Lastly, flip and pack children’s toys, books, magazines and any other items that lie on the floor in boxes and keep them away.

2. Explain the process to young children

Young children are naturally curious and it is important for them to understand what is going on around their home and what the person wearing protective clothing is doing. Let them know of any dangers that come with the treatment and the places they should avoid (if any). Keep an eye on them as well to be sure they stay safe. Check with your pest control Brisbane service on what you need to be aware of for children.

3. Plan to be away for a couple of hours

You may need to plan to stay away from the house for several hours after the treatment has been applied to allow it to take effect. Most pest control Brisbane experts recommend that you stay away from your house for a minimum of three hours so. If a member of your household is pregnant or you have a little one under the age of one, generally, you should plan to keep away for at least 24 hours. For more specific advice speak to your pest control Brisbane professional.

4. Take care of your pets

Treatment chemicals can be harmful to both pests and pets. Birds and fish are particularly susceptible to chemicals and should be removed from their cages and tanks respectively, if appropriate. Cover fish tanks during the treatment process to keep them safe. Keep your pets away from all the areas that are being serviced to avoid accidental ingestion, inhalation or contact.

If you’re not sure if your pets could be affected by the treatment, speak to your pest control Brisbane company.

5. Don’t forget your vacuum cleaners

Depending on the pest and infestation, the pest control Brisbane expert may recommend cleaning out your vacuum cleaners, to rid them of any fleas, cockroach eggs, and others insects.

Trust the Pest Control Brisbane Experts – Contact The Professional Pest Control Experts At Sun Dry

Cooperation with your pest control Brisbane experts will help ensure that the treatment process is successful and the chances of reinfestation are reduced. Talk to the pest control technicians beforehand to find out what do to ease their work.

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