What Attracts Carpet Beetles?

Think you might have carpet beetles but don’t know what caused them? Here we’ll give you the answers you need.

In this article, we’ll focus on the things most commonly known for attracting carpet beetles, exactly what they are (and other pests they can be mistaken for), as well as when to contact the expert team at Sun Dry for assistance.

What Are Carpet Beetles? 

Let’s start at the beginning with a brief definition.

Carpet beetles are small insects around 4mm in length. They are oval with a yellow-white exterior. If you don’t get onto a carpet beetle infestation quickly, they can cause major damage to clothing and other household items like carpet and upholstery. 

Are Carpet Beetles Harmful to Humans?

While they may be gross, carpet beetles aren’t harmful to humans. They can however cause you to break out in bites or rashes. For this reason, they are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs.

What Attracts Carpet Beetles to Your Home? 

There are several things in your home that attract carpet beetles. In this section, we’ll go through some of the most common things they enjoy:

Carpet (or Fabric) 

As the name suggests, carpet beetles love carpet and other fabrics. They are often found in these places and if left alone, can cause some damage.

Animal Protein 

Carpet beetles are attracted to anything with animal protein. This includes things such as furs, feathers and leathers common in clothing. Over time, they will eat their way through and destroy your clothing.

Pet Food 

Presumably due to their love of animal protein, carpet beetles are also attracted to pet food. The best way to avoid these unwanted pests is to keep an eye on your pet food and not leave it unattended, where it might become home to unwelcome visitors. 

Grains or Flour 

Any food that contains raw flour or grains is appealing to carpet beetles. Keep these items stored securely to avoid carpet beetles ruining your food. 


Love cheeses and milk? So do carpet beetles, much in the same way they do other animal by-products. Ensure your dairy products are stored correctly if you don’t want an infestation on your hands.

Potpourri & Plants

Strangely enough, carpet beetles are also attracted to plants and potpourri. If you have these in or around your home, you may want to keep an eye out for them as well as other pests.

When to Contact the Pest Control Experts

Vacuuming or steam cleaning can go a long way to preventing or ridding your home of carpet beetles. You can probably do this yourself, but the results would be temporary. By investing in professional pest control services (or even professional carpet cleaning), you can ensure the job is done correctly and you are using the right treatment for your infestation.

Arrange your pest control treatment for carpet beetles by getting in touch with our experienced team today.