Carpet Cleaning Tips From New Farm

Carpet Cleaning Tips From New Farm

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Carpet Care Tips

Having clean carpets is an essential and regular part of a hygienic home. Purchasing carpets and the fitting of them are costly. By maintaining your carpets condition, you can save money by having them replaced less frequently. Dust and dirt settle deep into carpets fibres, causing damage and shortening the length of the carpet’s life. Companies such as Petrie, use specialised techniques to get the maximum use from your carpets.

Effective Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can be effective at removing most of the dust embedded deep in a carpet. Traditionally, they achieve this by use of a fan, which helps to create a partial vacuum allowing dust and dirt to be collected. The use of a vacuum allows this to be done with no damage to the carpet. Today, there are a large variety of Vacuum cleaners available to homeowners offering different accessories and newer methods of extraction.

The Use of Chemicals

Commercial carpet cleaners such as Herston, use an industrial type of Vacuum cleaner, which has rotating brushes, along with specially developed chemicals. These chemicals can also be used as a pre-treatment for old stains buried deep in carpet fibres without causing any damage. The chemicals cause the stains to dislodge from the fibres allowing them to be vacuumed.

Removing More Dirt

For an extra deep clean, the vacuum cleaner should be operated at half the normal pace. This allows additional time for more dirt and debris to be collected. Some cleaners employ a wash head that sprays hot water to remove stains and immediately sucks up the water, shortening the drying time. Water sprays are able to penetrate deep into the fibres for effective cleaning.

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner in Good Condition

A poorly maintained vacuum cleaner will work less effectively. If you experience a loss of suction, it may be that a hose is blocked or partially blocked. The bag may also be full. Over time, the brushes can also become tangled with hair or loose carpet fibres, affecting the use of your vacuum cleaner. Blockages and tangles may also cause your vacuum cleaner to overheat and do irreparable damage.

How Best to Vacuum

The ideal technique is to overlap when vacuuming. Begin by vacuuming along the length of the room, then along the width of the room. Most vacuum cleaners work best when in reverse (pulled). The ideal motion is to push forward and across, then pull backwards and repeat.