All About Steam Cleaning Couches: Tips to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces

All About Steam Cleaning Couches: Tips to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces

Steam cleaning helps to remove embedded dirt, dust, stains, and grease. It also kills bacteria and more from upholstered furniture and helps disinfect them. This process requires hot water rather than scented shampoos or conventional cleaning chemicals. People who are sensitive to fragrances can still have their couches cleaned. You can steam clean couch surfaces effectively by following our guide.

How to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces

In order to steam clean couch surfaces properly, you should consider the following:

Select the Right Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners come in different types based on the materials they can steam clean. Make sure you get the best steam cleaners for what you are cleaning, such as upholstery steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners, and fabric steam cleaners. Select the right steam cleaner by buying or renting one from a hardware or grocery store close to you.

Prepare the Machine for Steam Cleaning

The use of steam cleaners varies, so follow the directions for the model you have. The steam cleaner is made up of a container that can hold the mixture, so fill the container with couch cleaner and warm water. The container should not be too full to avoid your couch fabrics from being oversaturated with steam and water. Also, the steam cleaner requires attachments such as a stationary brush, a cloth, or a revolving brush depending on the model.

Tips for Steam Cleaning

Give the steam cleaner a head start by vacuuming the couch with a soft-bristle attachment. To obtain the best results, pretreat stains using mild detergents or cleaning agents. It’s best to follow the directions for use as given by the manufacturer before steam cleaning.

Spend ample time on different parts of the couch. Spray steam onto the fabric and drag the opening of the steam cleaner over the damp areas to suck up the excess water from the surface of the couch’s fabrics. Avoid allowing too much water to soak into the material as it will take much longer to dry. Repeat the routine until you have a clean surface.

Allow the Couch to Dry

Once the whole couch has been steam cleaned, allow it to dry. The time required for the couch to dry depends on how humid the steam was and the weather on the day you steam cleaned your couch. You can speed it up by using a blow dryer or fan, or by opening windows.

Use the Help of Professionals to Steam Clean Couch Surfaces

In a situation where your couch is excessively dirty, or you just want expert help, the steam cleaning should be done by professional. Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control, Brisbane uses industrial-strength machines that remove the toughest of stains, leaving your couch fabric in its original appearance. Hire a professional today to steam clean couch surfaces in your home or office.

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