Removing Baby Puke from Your Carpet

Recently someone in the office had a new baby and we all got to talking about bodily fluids that can end up on your carpet and cause a stain. We’ve covered a lot of stains including urine but we’ve never provided a guide on how to remove blood and baby vomit. So if you’re game, read on!


A Baby

Bodily fluids seem to be par for the course when it comes to having new babies. That milky baby vomit smell seems to hang around for ages and milky little stains somehow appear on your clothing and sometimes even the carpet. These little stains can cause permanent damage. Baby vomit contains fat from milk and acid from little tummies and together they can break down the surface tension in your carpet, cause oxidisation and permanently discolour it. Fat coats the fibres of the pile which makes dirt stick and creates the stains that we can see. If you have baby vomit stains they should be treated quickly.

  1. Taking a spoon, remove the excess vomit being careful to work from the outside in;
  2. Using a clean dry cloth, blot up any moisture;
  3. Apply luke warm water and blot;
  4. Sponge with a mix of luke warm water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent then blot it up again;
  5. Remove the detergent with more clean water and blot again;
  6. To ensure all the fat has been removed, apply Electro 3 Spot & Stain Remover or if you don’t have it, use a mix of 60% white vinegar to 40% water instead.

Occasionally when we clean stains like this they reappear. If that happens to you it could mean that the spill has seeped through to the back of the carpet and into the underlay and Sun Dry Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control will inject the carpet and underlay with antibacterial solutions to treat the residue and remove it. They will then clean the carpet for you to ensure that the stain is gone and won’t return.