How Pest Control is Affected by Rain

Have you scheduled your pest control service but are worried about what happens if it rains. Our experts set your mind at ease.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s likely your pest control service will be cancelled if it rains, and the factors that help determine this. We’ll also discuss what to do if you’re worried about the effectiveness of your service, and when to contact our specialised team for assistance.

Will My Pest Control Service Be Postponed or Cancelled If It Rains? 

You may think that rain means your pest control service will be cancelled or postponed until bad weather clears. But this is not always the case, and there are a couple of factors to consider before a pest control service is cancelled due to rain.

Factors to Consider if It Rains on The Day of Your Pest Control Service 

Rain on the day of your pest control service doesn’t always mean it needs to be cancelled. There are, in fact, a few things we consider before cancelling your service, to determine if it can proceed:

Type of Treatment You’re Having 

One of the main things that will influence whether your treatment can go ahead during the rain is the type of treatment you are having.

If your pest control service focuses on the interior of your home, we will more than likely be able to proceed, but if it’s outdoors, we may be affected by the weather. 

How Intense the Rain Is 

We have to factor in the intensity of the rain before we can determine if your service can take place.

For instance, if there’s a huge storm with hail and gale-force winds, it’s best to postpone the treatment, but if it’s only rained lightly overnight (with no indication of further storms) and your treatment isn’t scheduled until that afternoon, there mightn’t be a problem in proceeding.

Whether the Area is Protected 

Most homes are designed to protect you from light rain, and this makes it easier to apply the treatment to the exterior of your home in a more direct way. But if the area in need of treatment has no shelter from the elements, you may be best to postpone it.

If You Want to Go Ahead 

It’s highly unlikely that our team will perform services in unsafe conditions, or when the treatment is not going to work due to adverse weather. And we will advise you of this accordingly.

But we also won’t force you to complete your treatment if you would prefer it be done on a sunny day with no chance of rain. You can discuss this and your options to reschedule your service by getting in touch with our friendly team members.

When to Contact Sun Dry for Assistance 

If you’re worried about whether rain will affect your pest control service – or need to arrange a pest control service from a professional company you can rely on, contact the team at Sun Dry.

With decades of experience in the industry and treatments to control a number of pest infestations, we’re always here to help.

Arrange a professional pest control service or inspection by contacting our qualified team at Sun Dry today.