The Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods – Windsor

The Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods – Windsor

The Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods we use in Windsor

We all need to have a healthy environment & a good level of hygiene at home. This means that every different type pf household item should be kept clean, especially those items that gather dust and germs on regular basis such as carpets, rugs, door mats, upholstery and so on.

Some people have the view that since they clean their carpets regularly, then why should they spend their hard earned money in hiring a professional cleaning service. The answer is that simply using a vacuum cleaner (& the like) isn’t enough to keep it as clean as it should be, only the training, specialist equipment & methods used by professional carpet cleaning companies like SunDry can deliver the required level of hygiene.

The SunDry Carpet Cleaning Methods – Windsor

Carbonated Water Method

For this method, a solution is used to pre-treat your carpets before they undergo the main cleaning process. The dirt particles are then extracted from carpet to a tank for disposal. This is a very efficient method of cleaning carpets, far better than the standard shampooing method most people use.


This is the standard method of cleaning the carpet using air at high pressure to remove all the dust particles from the carpet. Though this can be done by the individual themselves on regular basis, professional companies have more powerful vacuum cleaners whic=h can do the job to a lot higher standard.

Steamer Cleaning

This is another highly efficient process for cleaning carpets. Basically, a mixture of water & a cleaning solution is used to wet the carpet & lift the dirt, this in combination with a suction technique is used in order to pull the dirt particles from the base of the carpet.

This is Why you Should Call in a Profesional Carpet Cleaner in Windsor

There are any number of detergents and cleaning solutions easily available on the market, but the real difference is the specialist equipment that companies like SunDry use to clean carpets.