Carpet Cleaning Specialists – Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Specialists – Brisbane

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning and Some Techniques Used – Brisbane

If you can al all – avoid the expense of purchasing new carpets, the best way to maintain your carpets shelf life is to get it regularly cleaned by a qualified specialist, regularly.


1. Preventing Mold Formation

The warmth of the carpet is an excellent breeding environment for mould and fungal elements. This is a common phenomenon, particularly in cold or humid weather. The formation of fungus or mould could cause some types of serious skin infections.

2. A Home for Bugs

A better name for carpets could be ‘giant dirt filters’ as they trap dust, dirt and allergens in them. However, if not cleaned for a long period of tiome, the carpets could become a very comfortable home to various beetles and bugs; owing to the favourable environment and temperature it offers. Foul smells & damages carpet fibres are a common sign that some creepy crawlies have moved in.


1. Hot Water Cleaning

This technique is as popular as carpet steam cleaning; the process simply involves using hot water and cleaning agent in the process. The hot water is used at high pressure, followed by application of cleaning agent on the carpets soiled surface. Agitating the carpet with brush, followed by rinsing completes its first step. After the cleaning agents settles on the carpet for a while, the carpet is re-rinsed and kept for drying which normally takes a further 3-4 hours.

2. Encapsulation

Replacing the old and common technique of carpet shampooing, the process of encapsulation involves synthetic detergents that crystallise to powder form when dried. The loosened dirt particles cling onto the powder, that helps in removing the dirt with simple vacuuming or brush. The process of encapsulation is widely used in the carpet cleaning industry because it uses considerably less water compared to the older method of carpet shampooing.