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Your carpet is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, grime, pet mess and food and drink spills. It can also be a perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and bugs that may pose serious health issues if you don’t clean your carpet regularly. Carpet cleaning is also a good way to extend the life of your carpet and preserve its colour and design.

When it comes to good carpet cleaning Brisbane, it involves more than just washing your carpet with soap and water or using a vacuum. Home carpet cleaning machines available for hire don’t usually reach the temperatures required to not only clean your carpet effectively but also to sanitise them. A professional carpet cleaning Brisbane service provides a much deeper clean for your carpets.

As a general rule, your carpets should be cleaned at least once a year, but this depends on how you use your carpets or where you place them. For high traffic areas like the living and dining rooms where dirt and spills may easily accumulate, you may need to have them cleaned at least every few months. If your carpet has huge stains, however, it’s best to call in expert carpet cleaners Brisbane right away to have the stains cleaned before they absorb deeper into carpet fibres and make them impossible to remove.

Before our cleaners arrive, it’s best to remove small items like shoes, children’s toys, pet beds and décor off your carpet. You should also inspect your carpet for any stains, moulds or other issues to point out to our steam or dry carpet cleaner.

We highly recommend vacuuming your carpet before our cleaners arrive to get rid of noticeable debris and pet hair. This will make cleaning your carpet easier, and in general more effective, and will help in maintaining the integrity of your carpet.

To make the cleaning process faster, we advise that you remove any furniture or décor in the areas that you want cleaned. This will give our team full access to every corner of your carpet making sure that no area is left dirty.

Our carpet cleaners are highly experienced and trustworthy individuals who are committed to delivering you the best results. While you can always stay around to watch the process, you don’t need to be present while we clean. You can run some errands or do some work while we take care of carpet cleaning for you, or wait in another space at your property.

Sun Dry offers carpet steam cleaning Brisbane services. We will discuss your particular cleaning needs, carpet type and budget with you to determine the best carpet cleaning method for your situation.

We use only a mix of approved enzymes, solvents and pre-spray chemicals to clean and disinfect your carpets. We are more than happy to answer any specific questions or concerns you may have about the cleaning products we use.

Cleaning time depends on the area that you want cleaned, the condition of your carpets, the severity of stains and the set-up of your home or office. We don’t rush our work and will take the time needed to ensure that every spot is cleaned properly.

You can walk on damp carpets barefoot or wearing socks immediately. Don’t let your pets walk on your newly cleaned carpets unless they are completely dry. If your carpets have been dry cleaned, there is no waiting time.

Since wet carpet can cause blemishes or rust on furniture, it’s best to wait until your carpet is completely dry before placing them back. But if you don’t have enough space, you can put back your furniture as long as you have something underneath it.

We recommend vacuuming your carpets regularly after they’re cleaned. This will help you get rid of soils, dirt, dust and pet hair so they don’t accumulate in your carpets.

This depends on the type and severity of the stain. We use special agents including the most effective carpet stain remover to treat stubborn stains and tough spots prior to cleaning.

We have successfully eliminated light to moderate pet odours from carpets, but we cannot guarantee the same results for extreme pet damage like urine that has already absorbed into the carpet padding.

We highly recommend applying a carpet protector after cleaning because it helps preserve your carpet’s integrity and makes it tougher against stains.

A spot is a soluble substance while a stain is considered a permanent mark on your carpet. While a spot may be remedied with a spot cleaner, stains need professional cleaners to remove them completely.

Once your carpet is cleaned, it will stay clean for a longer time, especially when you apply a special carpet protector, which we offer at Sun Dry.

Any time of year is good to have your carpets professionally cleaned but warmer weather will help any wet carpet dry quicker.

We are highly experienced in dealing with all types of household pests including bedbugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, rats and mice, spiders, silverfish, mites, ants and termites. We can conduct termite inspections and provide advice on the best solutions to prevent or effectively manage these pests.

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