Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Are you looking for carpet cleaning Brisbane experts? Sun Dry specialises in quality carpet cleaning and pest control, ensuring your carpets look great longer and are free of dirt and allergens. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider calling in professionals for carpet cleaning Brisbane.

Get rid of trapped pollutants and odours

Air pollutants aren’t just those particles from the outside – indoor spaces have pollutants of their own as well. One common source of odours and pollutants are pets. They can bring in fleas and their hair is a common allergen that can accumulate in carpet and rug fibres. Even if you don’t own a pet, your carpet will still attract and absorb all sorts of other everyday smells, dirt, dust, and debris. While regular vacuuming can help manage these pollutants, it won’t get deep into the fibres and address the source of the issue. Pest control Brisbane professionals such as Sun Dry have specialised equipment and years of experience, so they know exactly how to deep clean your carpet effectively.

Contact Sun Dry – the carpet cleaning Brisbane experts – to rid your rugs and carpets of pollutants.

Eliminate infestations, particularly dust mites

One of the most common, and problematic, pests that live in carpets are dust mites. Unfortunately, Dust mite infestations aren’t exactly visible, so they are often overlooked. While they remain untreated they pose a serious threat to those people prone to allergies. Our professional carpet cleaning Brisbane services tackle dust mites head on.

Additionally, if your carpets are infested by any other pests such as fleas or bed bugs, as Pest Control experts we can treat them as well.

Don’t wait for pests to take over your carpet, home and life – call in the carpet cleaning Brisbane experts today – we will treat them quickly and effectively, and ensure your carpet looks great.

Prevent the growth of mould

Areas such as Brisbane are prone to high humidity, which means your carpet may need extra attention.  This is because high humidity levels increase the risk of moulds developing in carpets, especially when not regularly cleaned.

Your carpet may have become wet for another reason, such as spills that weren’t cleaned up in a timely manner. This can result in patches or large areas of mould appearing in your carpet. Hiring a carpet cleaning Brisbane professional such as Sun Dry can clean any mould, and with the right products, we can help prevent further growth.

It’s incredibly important for the health and safety of your family, that mould in carpet is dealt with quickly. Get in touch with Sun Dry today to get rid of any mould in your carpet.

Get in the Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Specialists

Professional carpet cleaning keeps your carpet looking better for longer and gets rid of any harmful nasties.
For professional carpet cleaning Brisbane can trust, as well as pest control services, contact Sun Dry today for a free quote. We’re more than happy to answer any of your carpet cleaning queries.